Senior Software Engineer, C

Permanent employee, Full-time · Espoo

What to expect from this role?
Turck Vilant Systems algorithms make sense of the mass of data our customers collect. You will join our team in Espoo, Finland, and help develop custom business logic and intelligent algorithms for the RFID data collection for the rail, pulp & paper, and supply chain.
 You will work with our Turck Vilant Engine, the application at the heart of our RFID data collection. The application runs on RFID readers installed on forklifts, conveyor belts, and as parts of gates collecting RFID event data. UHF RFID enables the identification of heaps of items at one go. A unique selling point for Turck Vilant Systems is our Engine’s algorithms that work with the masses of RFID data and utilize the remarkable features RFID has to offer (such as identifying the direction of individual objects).
 Hundreds of professional users use Turck Vilant Gates and Forklifts, which are empowered by our RFID Engine. You will be vital in creating tailored applications to support their specific business logic needs. Furthermore, you will finetune the algorithms for collecting RFID microdata. Finally, together with our Project Managers, you define the best ways for our customers to use the Turck Vilant Systems RFID platform. And as IoT business moves further to utilize the data collected by BLE and active sensors, you and we will be at the forefront of helping customers with them.
What do we expect from you?
All you need to deliver is sound experience from programming in C language. You have primarily been writing professional C/C++ code for the past four years. You also communicate fluently in English. Sounds like you? Just fill in the form below.

Additionally, our ideal candidate has experience from
  • Programming for linux
  • pthreads and thread-safety
  • PLC communications (custom text based protocols, modbus, gpio)
  • React / Typescript
  • Linux open source project packaging
  • Building toolchains for different ARM platforms
Why us?
Your future is secure in our Group, as our economy is on a solid footing and our business grows in Europe, the Americas, and Asia. We offer you flexible working hours, the possibility to split your working time between our home office and our Espoo office, and a relaxed working atmosphere where you can also bring out your innovations. You can also develop yourself and your skills by using your working time to study things that support your work (about 1d/month). We’re excited about you and want to learn from your experience. Your skills will enable you to progress to an international career if you so wish. 
 We believe that our inspired and motivated people are the ones who make Turck Vilant Systems successful. You will work in a dynamic environment with helpful colleagues. If we wish to climb a mountain, we do it together and one step at a time.
 Born with a techie coat, the company has a very relaxed and casual culture. We are all experts in our field, and your team members know almost everything possible about RFID, so even if you have no history with it, no worries. You will learn. And get to experiment. Just click here to look at how we sometimes test customer systems. And to brag a bit more, our team members have had the chance to try to drive a metro train on other occasions. With us, you have the opportunity for personal growth and, should you wish, an international career, too. Our hours are flexible, and you can influence how you conduct your work. Our experienced RFID professionals and the vast network of our mother company are always at your disposal.
Like to know more?
We are excited to hear from you. If you have any open questions in mind, please feel free to drop us an email in 
We are looking forward to hearing from you!
We are very excited to see that you are interested in Turck Vilant Systems!
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